White coral - bead mineral - FI 10 mm


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Healing minerals and semi-precious gemstones X-MOMO

Do you have your jewelry ideas? Do you want to have your unique jewelry that no one will have besides you? We offer a wide range of free mineral stones in different sizes. All you have to do is select and produce your unique jewel, which recharges you with positive energy and accompanies you every day.

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White coral

- Strengthens the ability to prevent unwanted external influences
- it teaches us adaptability, but also how to stay and stay firm
- Supports the ability to visualize
- is a good support of our meditative techniques
- the name comes from Greek and means "the daughter of the sea"
- Increases intuition and helps achieve the goals
- It also improves interpersonal relationships
- He brings a happy hand to our actions

The healing effects:
It is said that: it treats epilepsy, bone disease, back, eyes, regulates menstruation. It is used in the treatment of mental illness. An unborn child protects against disfigurement and facilitates childbirth. It calms our nerves.

The price is for 1 piece of the appropriate size.

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